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West Don Lands - Waterfront Toronto

West Don Lands is one of many precincts which make up the Waterfront Toronto Revitalization Project. Waterfront Toronto is undertaking the largest renewal project of its kind in the world. This ambitious 25 year project is sure to change the character of not only Toronto's waterfront but also the entire city.

DPM staff has been involved with this project from the moment it transitioned from concept to execution. We have provided expert advice on all Utility Servicing issues from master planning, engaging Toronto Hydro and the other major utilities, to ensuring Waterfront Toronto and their various consultant teams and partners understand the nuances of utility servicing for a project this complex and unique.

Our extensive experience working in Toronto on large scale development projects gave us the right skills to help Waterfront Toronto execute this one of a kind project. Revitalizing this under used part of Toronto has meant many challenges for the providers of electricity, gas and telecommunications services. With a lack of suitable infrastructure and wealth of environmental and coordination challenges, we have worked hand in hand with the utilities to ensure they are ready to meet the needs of this large new community.

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