Methuen Parkette Gardens
Baby Point Gates BIA

Client: Baby Point BIA, Toronto
Size of Project: $300,000 (Construction)
Duration: 2 years (Design and Coordination)
Hidden Cables: 1000 meters
On Budget and Vision: 100%
Average House Price on Baby Point Drive: $2,000,000

The Project

Toronto is a city of neighbourhoods, each one unique, like the Baby Point area in the city’s west end, where unused or derelict spaces are in the process of being transformed into beautiful and welcoming parkettes for the public to enjoy.

Baby Point Gardens is the Business Improvement Areas (BIA’s) second parkette project, having completed the Baby Point Gates Parkette at the corner of Annette and Jane streets at the end of 2013. This latest project includes a garden with trees, shrubs, park benches and custom metal artwork, all designed to create an inviting spot for area residents and Baby Point visitors to pause, take time for a coffee or admire the lights at Christmas. It can also serve as a venue for musical entertainment during events such as the BIA’s sidewalk sales.

The Challenge

Branding a neighbourhood means more than stringing some lights on trees. It’s an exciting process to define as well redefine a neighbourhood in the best possible way. The challenge for the Baby Point Garden project was to find ways to hide the electrical wiring and infrastructure so it would not interfere with the creative team’s vision and design. The technical solutions would have to provide the effect they wanted for a price they could afford.

DPM’s Roles and Responsibilities

Due to our past experience and expertise with BIA’s elsewhere in Toronto, DPM was brought on board to provide the detailed design for all electrical aspects of the Methuen parkette, including the floodlights, striplights and receptacles. In addition, DPM would be assisting with the Tender process, including specifications and contract administration.

DPM Solutions

Having worked with many urban designers over the years, we understand when to adapt to the needs of the client. We work hard to find for solutions that fit their vision, yet we identify and articulate to the client early in the process when something is impractical and isn’t going to work. We are highly respected for the integrity we bring to all projects.

While our general contract with the city means that we are invited to work on great projects such as Baby Point Gardens, we never take any client for granted, and we strive to ensure that every client
is happy with the end result.