Power System Engineering

DPM Energy provides a full range of Power System Engineering solutions to meet the needs of the Local Distribution Company (LDC) and developer market. With our leadership team we have well over 100+ years of experience, we are knowledgeable in utility practice for most Ontario LDCs.

DPM’s specific projects include:

  • Master Planning New Developments

    • We work with developers and utilities to develop an overall plan for all utility services for Phased developments. This includes analyzing existing system configuration and capacity to understand how the development impacts the current system.

  • System Planning for Distribution Networks

    • Working with LDCs, we analyze their current networks to identify capacity constraints, load transfer capabilities and future growth analysis. We develop high-level lists of system improvement projects, including scope definition and budget costs.

  • Design of System Expansions

    • We work with LDCs or developers to design new expansions need for subdivisions, both industrial and residential. Our services include full-detailed design and coordination with joint-use trench partners, owner’s engineers and municipalities. Our capabilities include both underground and overhead designs.

Distribution System Rebuilds

  • We have worked extensively with LDCs on system rebuilds to maintain the reliability of their networks. Our past projects range from simple switch replacement and system automation to placing large overhead networks underground in dense urban settings. With our background, we can tackle any type of project, and we can work with an LDC to develop asset replacement programs.