Queens Quay Reconstruction/Toronto Waterfront Revitalization Project (Simcoe to Yonge)

Client: Toronto Hydro & Waterfront Toronto
Size of Project: $15 – $20 Million (Civil and Electrical Combined)
Duration: 5 years (Design and Coordination)

The Challenge

Toronto is blessed with a beautiful waterfront. Queen’s Quay sits at the heart of this waterfront and is a mecca for residents as well as tourists, offering a dizzying array of recreation and entertainment activities. Problem is, as with most North American cities, aging infrastructure can cramp opportunities for growth and enhancements.

The Queens Quay Reconstruction/Toronto Waterfront Revitalization Project will address the issue of aging infrastructure and seize a not-to-be-missed opportunity to design and rebuild a new and larger hydro system, bringing feeders from the new Copeland Transformer Station to service downtown. This new system will allow Toronto Hydro to (1) increase capacity and reliability for existing customers, (2) ensure proper coordination to minimize disruption of the neighbourhood, and (3) ensure capacity for future growth and development of the waterfront for the next 20 to 30 years.

However, when that underground infrastructure is located only metres away from a Great Lake, special procedures need to be in place. No one had designed such a system so close to the water before.

DPM’s Roles and Responsibilities

DPM was engaged to design and build the underground distribution system, which extends from Lower Spadina to Yonge, including all new manholes, duct structures, underground cables and transformers. Our specific responsibilities include and have included:

  • Assisting Toronto Hydro in predesign site inspections

  • Creating preliminary civil and electrical design

  • Creating detailed civil and electrical design

  • Coordinating with the other surrounding utilities, such as Bell, TTC, Beanfield Metroconnect, etc…

  • Gaining approval and permits from the city

  • To prepare the work order package and drawings for construction

  • Providing support during construction

DPM Solutions

DPM Energy’s overhead distribution system design will ensure reliable service for all residential and commercial customers on Crescent Rd and South Drive, with new cedar poles, overhead conductor, overhead and underground transformers, and new primary switches. The new system will require less maintenance over time in addition to eliminating the potential for hazards to property and vehicles.