DPM is powered by its people,

a core team of skilled engineers and support staff who thrive on challenge

and who are committed to providing our clients with their best work.

Nick Iozzo Utility Engineering Consultant

Nick Iozzo, P.Eng.


The senior leader of our team and President of DPM, Nick has over 36 years of experience working in the utility sector. He spent the first eight years working directly for local utilities, including five years running the design department for an LDC. These initial years not only provided a sound foundation of knowledge on fundamental utility principals but also formed the basis of the strong personal relationships Nick still maintains today with senior managers in the LDC sector. For the past two decades, Nick has focused his efforts on providing services to the utility and the private sector. He has unrivalled experience in managing large-scale development and utility renewal projects.


Anthony Iozzo

General Manager

Prior to breaking into the utility industry, Anthony spent five years as a Confirmations Analyst with a well-respected financial services institution. He successfully transferred his skills from the financial sector and spent the first three years of his utility career as a Project Management Assistant with a large utility contractor in the GTA, where he was responsible for estimating, coordinating and analyzing utility projects with different municipalities and LDCs all over southern Ontario.

Anthony joined DPM as the Contracts Coordinator. He was responsible for tendering, drafting and administering construction contracts, certifying progress payment certificates, and construction coordination. He then was promoted to Project Services Director where he oversaw DPM’s project services department, which is responsible for the coordination of utilities, contracts, construction, inspections, and ensuring that all projects progress from the tender stage to energization on budget and on schedule. Anthony’s ability to build relationships and his dedication to customer service have gained him the respect of many contractors, developers, municipalities and, LDCs. In 2019, Anthony was promoted once again to Vice President, Operations. Anthony is responsible to oversee the execution of all project work at DPM.

Fabian Celebre

Fabian Celebre

Project Management Director

Fabian has over 9 years of experience in the power and lighting industry. He possesses vast experience in coordinating and managing project activity, providing leadership and guidance to multiple teams and ensuring all contractual requirements are fully met. He started with DPM as a Senior Contracts Coordinator was promoted to Project Services Supervisor, Services Manager and now Project Management Director. Fabian possesses strong interpersonal and analytical skills and he is a confident communicator who thrives on teamwork and customer satisfaction. As the Project Management Director with DPM Energy, Fabian is responsible for directing and strategically planning numerous projects as well as overseeing multiple teams including Project Services and Project Management.


Michael Gentile

Design Director

Michael has over 10 years of experience in the power and lighting industry. Michael began at DPM as a co-op student and has risen through the company as a Designer, Team Lead, Senior Team Lead to Project Supervisor. His time at DPM has given him experience in capital projects, reactive/emergency projects, new customer connections, planning for asset management, station projects, and street light design. As a Director with DPM Energy, he is responsible for the overall management of projects, training and guiding designers, quality control and utility coordination.


Archie Kotopoulis, P.Eng.

Senior Director, Design

Archie has over 40 years of experience working in the electric power industry. For much of his career, he worked directly for a large electric utility where he focused on Transmission Operations and developed a strong understanding of what utilities require to successfully meet customer needs. He has held senior positions for several private sector companies providing engineering services in the areas of electric power distribution, renewable energy (microgrids), regulatory compliance, and automation. Archie joined DPM in 2021 and leads DPM’s design team. Archie plays an important role in maintaining and developing relationships with clients and ensuring DPM is always prepared to provide leading-edge engineering services to meet the continuously evolving needs of the electric supply industry.

Nana Obeng

Nana Obeng

Design Director

Nana has over 8 years of experience in the power and lighting industry. His education experience has given him strong background knowledge in overhead and underground distribution systems for residential and commercial designs. Nana began at DPM as a Designer and through his dedication, hard work and expertise have worked his way up to Design Director. As a Design Director, Nana is responsible for the overall project management, training, and guiding designers, quality control, and utility control.