South Drive + Crescent Road Overhead Utility Rebuild Project

Client: Toronto Hydro
Size of Project: $500,000 (Construction)
Duration: 6-8 Months (Design)

Client Needs

Crescent Road runs through Rosedale, a beautiful older neighbourhood in the heart of Toronto. Older neighbourhoods have special concerns due to aging infrastructure. Toronto Hydro needed poles, overhead conductor and transformers replaced to improve reliability in the area in addition to addressing the following safety issues:

  • Multiple overhead conductors were falling apart, resulting in property damage

  • Overhead conductors sagged too low, resulting in hazards to vehicles

In summary, Toronto Hydro wanted to design and build a new system that would be safer and require less maintenance.

DPM Roles

Our role in this project included the following responsibilities:

  • To assist Toronto Hydro in predesign site inspection, both overhead and underground assets

  • To create a primary schematic

  • To create detailed electrical and civil drawings for the project area

  • To produce calculations for all the guying and anchoring

  • To coordinate with Toronto Hydro to finalize and approve the design

  • To prepare the work order package and drawings for construction

  • To provide support during construction

DPM Solutions

DPM Energy’s overhead distribution system design will ensure reliable service for all residential and commercial customers on Crescent Rd and South Drive, with new cedar poles, overhead conductor, overhead and underground transformers, and new primary switches. The new system will require less maintenance over time in addition to eliminating the potential for hazards to property and vehicles.