Waters Edge Promenade
Waterfront Toronto

Client: Toronto Hydro & Waterfront Toronto
Size of Project: >$1.5 Million (Construction)
Duration: 3 years (Design and Construction)
New Cables: 10 KM’s
New Streetlights: >50
View of Waterfront: 180 Degrees

The Challenge

One of the jewels in Waterfront Toronto’s crown is the creation of a linear park system directly on the water’s edge. This Promenade will draw many people to the waterfront to enjoy the parks, bridges and festivals that will make up this destination.

Creating this public space has numerous challenges due to its proximity to the lake, and opening up this area to the public involves many engineering challenges only found in this part of Toronto. Building in an area that traditionally was under water brings many surprises and unique conditions.

DPM Playing a Key Role

DPM Energy Inc. is the lead contributor to the roadway, pedestrian and event components of this complex park. The project requires DPM’s technical know-how in order to design the new lighting and power systems needed to create a flexible, welcoming public space.

DPM’s Responsibilities

• Creating preliminary civil and electrical design

• Creating detailed civil and electrical design

• Coordinating with utilities (gas, telecommunications and municipal)

• Coordinating with the City of Toronto in order to incorporate their soil management system

• Coordinating with Toronto Hydro to finalize new connections

• Gaining approval and permits from the city

• Preparing the work order package and drawings for construction

• Providing support during construction

DPM Solutions

DPM is designing and building a complete underground distribution system, including all new chambers, duct structures, underground cables and transformers. Especially challenging is the need to build the new system just metres from the water. Also, the park contains many elements never before used in a City Park.

DPM is proud to be a part of this visionary public space, one that is key to revitalizing our waterfront and giving the waterfront back to the people of Toronto.