Park Lane Circle Revitalization Project (Post Road to Lawrence Avenue East)

Client: Toronto Hydro
Size of Project: $500,000 (Construction)
Duration: 2013- 2014 (Design); Constructed in 2015

The Project

Toronto Hydro is in the process of replacing, upgrading and revitalizing the city’s aging electrical distribution system, thereby renewing neighbourhoods across Toronto. Park Lane Circle is located in an upscale area of Toronto that is home to some of the city’s most expensive properties. Many of the original houses in this neighbourhood, however, have been replaced with larger, more modern homes.

The Challenges

Electrical grids in older neighbourhoods, generally speaking, must be upgraded in order to increase capacity, reduce the need for maintenance and ensure reliability to customers. Old wood poles and primary and secondary cables typically need to be replaced.

Toronto Hydro was faced with an additional challenge: the existing feeder circuit had been installed through the ravine. For maintenance reasons, this location was no longer viable and would have to be abandoned.

Additionally, the existing infrastructure would have to be maintained during the new build, and, if required, secondary services to homes would have to be rebuilt.

DPM Roles

From predesign site inspections to support during construction, we provided the following services and support to our client, Toronto Hydro:

  • Assess existing system and provide feedback to Toronto Hydro on its condition through predesign site inspections

  • To create a primary schematic

  • To create detailed electrical and civil drawings for the project area

  • Create Primary Schematics for Contractor and Toronto Hydro

  • Create preliminary civil and electrical design

  • Create detailed civil and electrical design

  • Coordination with surrounding utility providers, such as Bell, TTC, Cogeco, etc…

  • Coordination with the City of Toronto for Short Stream Permits

  • Coordination with the Contractor and Toronto Hydro to finalize the design

  • Prepare work order package and drawings for construction

  • Provide support during construction

DPM Solution

DPM addressed all of Toronto Hydro’s needs and concerns for this revitalization project, and the entire rebuild was carried out with the old electrical distribution system energized. We designed and built the overhead system, including poles, transformers, dips, switching and overhead conductors. And we created a new feeder circuit so that the old one in the ravine could be abandoned. The new electrical distribution system for Park Lane Circle will last for the next 20-30 years, providing increased reliability to customers and accommodating capacity for other utilities as well.