Aurora Phase 1 EPC-Underground Rebuild (Heathwood Heights Drive between Bathurst Street, St. John’s Sideroad and Wellington Street)

Client: PowerStream
Size of Project: $2,000,000 (Construction)
Duration: 7 months (Design); 4 months (Construction)

The Project

System reliability was a major issue for our client. Constant hydro outages were a nuisance for their customers in the area, largely because nine kilometres of vintage 1984 hydro cable had to be replaced, in addition to the existing transformers and foundations.

PowerStream needed to design and build a new system that would be safer, much more reliable, require less maintenance and last 35 years or more.

DPM’s Role:

We assisted PowerStream and Trans Power (the utility contractor) in the predesign site inspection of underground assets, then:

  • Prepared a primary schematic

  • Prepared detailed electrical drawings for the project area

  • Ran cable pulling tension calculations

  • Coordinated with PowerStream and Trans Power to finalize and approve the design utility coordination

  • Obtained Town of Aurora Municipal Consent Approval

  • Prepared IFC (Issued for Construction) work order package and drawings for construction

  • Provided support during construction

DPM’s Solutions:

The new underground distribution system will reliably service about 400 customers, thanks to the nine kilometres of new underground primary hydro cable and new pad-mounted transformers. The project was carried out using the directional bore method, which allowed for a less disruptive and cleaner installation method. Hydro customers in the construction area were grateful, as disruption to their lives was kept to a minimum. Spare ducts were also installed in this system so that the next rebuild will require less time and cost less.