Plan and Rebuild
Langevin McCulley
Utility Underground
–Toronto Hydro

Client: Toronto Hydro
Size of Project: $2,500,000 (Construction)
Duration: 2 Months (Design + Construction)
New Hydro Cable: 7500 Metres
Updated Duct Banks And Chambers: 1900 Metres
Pad-Mounted Transformers: 15

The Project

Toronto Hydro’s Asset Management program conducts high-level scopes during project planning and development. The purpose of the program is to maximize the value Toronto Hydro provides to its stakeholders in terms of safety, customer service and cost efficiency. These high-level scopes do not include field visits but rely on more detailed input from the field site in order to plan, forecast, analysis of site conditions in order to manage and complete projects on time and on budget.

DPM’s Role

DPM Energy was hired to create Asset Management’s high-level scopes because of our extensive knowledge of overhead, vaults, chamber/duct bank systems and general underground distribution and our previous working experience with Toronto Hydro.

This important work reduces the risk of projects going over budget during the Detail Design Phase. By more accurately defining the scope of a project, Toronto Hydro is better able to plan, forecast and therefore manage the number of projects that can be completed within a Program Budget.

DPM’s Responsibilities

We were asked to analyze the scope with their current GIS extract, review site photos, and fine-tune the scope to ensure no major issues would arise during detail design. We designed a Conceptual Primary Schematic with general offsets and trench locations based on data available in GIS and site photos. We also issued an updated Budget based on the concepts.

DPM successfully provided Toronto Hydro with:

  • conceptual schematic approvals with operations

  • greater detail on construction estimates with only a conceptual schematic and site photos

  • and an outline of problem areas utilizing only GIS extracts and site photos.

DPM’s Solution

We analyzed the information provided to determine the best solutions and highlight areas of concern. By providing Toronto Hydro with the information they need to better manage projects costs and minimize overruns, Toronto Hydro is able to pass these cost savings on to residents, who benefit from lower hydro bills.

DPM is extremely proud of its successful history of working with Toronto Hydro. Since our first test project with Toronto Hydro’s Project Development Group, we have worked on 23 other projects. We successfully completed every one of the 23 projects and met their tight timelines.