Pan Am Games Athletes’ Village/Canary District


A 2015 Pan AM Games Legacy Project

Client: City of Toronto
Size of Project: $5,000,000 (Construction)
Duration: 6 Years
Total Area Size: 47 Hectares/115 Acres

A World Class Challenge

It’s November 2009 and the City has just been awarded the 2015 Pan AM/ Para Pan AM Games. Where will 10,000 athletes and coaches live during the games? 

The Pan AM Games Athletes’ Village

Waterfront Toronto had been working on plans to redevelop the West Don Lands precinct since 2006. With the awarding of the Games, the precinct was the logical spot to host the athletes. Planning was well underway and the precinct had ample room for all of the new guests. The Games would provide the push needed to move the development along quickly.

With a fixed, unmoveable deadline, everyone working on the project had to shift from concept development to execution. The site had many significant challenges that needed to be resolved in order to permit the Games to proceed. The biggest being how to deal with the potential flooding from the Don River and the removal of thousands of tonnes of contaminated soil left behind by the heavy industries that used to call this area home.

Everyone was up to the challenge.

DPM Playing a Key Role

Given our history with the early stages of the West Don Lands, DPM was a logical addition to the development team. We were the lead contributor to the roadway, pedestrian and utility infrastructure components of this complex development project. The project required DPM’s technical know-how in order to provide new chambers, duct banks and primary cables needed to supply current and proposed buildings.

Not only were we building for the immediate needs of the Pan Am Games, but we also had to bear in mind the long-term vision for the overall development. This meant three different designs — (1) the facilities that were to be converted to condos after the Games, (2) the temporary facilities used only during the Games, and (3) the future phases of the site after the Games were over.

DPM’s Many Responsibilities include:

DPM Energy was honoured to be a part of this landmark project. We worked closely with the city throughout the process and provided the following services:

  • Master planning for the three different aspects of the development

  • Creating preliminary civil and electrical design

  • Creating detailed civil and electrical design

  • Coordinating with utilities (gas, telecommunications and municipal) for the initial needs plus future
    needs of the development

  • Coordinating with the City of Toronto in order to incorporate their soil management system

  • Coordinating with Toronto Hydro to finalize new connections

  • Gaining approval and permits from the city

  • Preparing the work order package and drawings for construction

  • Providing support during construction

Let the Games Begin

On the evening of July 10, 2015, the athletes, their coaches and all Torontonians celebrated the opening of the 2015 Pan AM Games. There was a party the likes of which had never been seen before in Toronto. At the end of the night, athletes and coaches slept soundly in the new Village that DPM had helped to create.

Update: Welcome to Toronto’s Newest Neighbourhood: The Canary District

Torontonians will not soon forget the Pan Am Games and the thrilling summer of 2015, but the fact is we have even more to cheer about — Toronto has a brand-new new neighbourhood. The Athletes’ Village is being innovatively repurposed as a permanent residential community with a mix of condos, affordable housing, and retail shops. The Canary District is poised to become a dynamic downtown neighbourhood, and DPM is proud to be a part of this exciting conversion. DPM’s master planning to accommodate the three different phases of the development was a critical component in the success of this visionary project.