Happy Holidays Everyone!

Another year has come to an end and what an eventful one it was!

2019 was another year of growth for DPM, in fact, we solidified that in the introduction of our Core 4. In the third core section is “How Will We Succeed?” we established that “Growth is in our DNA” is the third point under that heading.

In order to celebrate all that we had accomplished this year, DPM had our final team building session this month.

All staff were taken downtown in a coach bus, with Anthony Iozzo, our VP of Operations, acting as a tour guide pointing out the various sites the company has worked on and giving a shout out to the dedicated staff that made/are making them possible.

We then arrived at our surprise destination, the historic Distillery District. It was here that the company was divided into various teams to participate in “The Great Whiskey Heist Mystery.” Staff worked in teams 4-6 to unravel a tale of dreams, thievery, and deceit. They worked to figure out who stole the whiskey, who got the money and how did it all go down. It was a lot of fun going through the Distillery as the Christmas Market was on at the same time. Once the final clues were delivered, everyone was back on the bus and taken to dinner.
Our dinner location was extra special, as it was right by the Riverside Bridge, which DPM worked on several years ago. As the meal was underway, we were treated to an extra special performance.

DPM has worked with Lori Pearlstein of PLAYWORKS many times in the past. She has led our staff through improv exercises both off-site and after hours on site. She organized an improv murder mystery that had our own DPM staff join her and two other extremely talented comedians as we worked to figure out the answer. DPM staff played various characters that added to the storyline before we voted on an answer that Lori and her team performed. Once that was solved, she invited staff to come up and give a shot at a few improv exercises. It was a great way to get people out of their shell and interact with other team members.

It was a wonderful way to end the year and celebrate how far this team has come as well as how large we have grown!
We look forward to entering 2020 and all the amazing projects that await our team.

Happy Holidays to all our clients, and friends! May the New Year bring you continued success and joy!