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Update from DPM

DPM Energy Inc. is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace to protect members of the DPM family and our clients. As the pandemic response continues to develop, we continue to follow all recommendations provided by the various levels of government.

During this time, DPM Energy’s offices remain open, however they are closed to the general public. DPM has been deemed an essential business and will be continuing all work. The majority of our staff have been working from home over the past week. The few that are not able to work from home and are in the office are practicing social distancing while at work. We have also enhanced our cleaning routines and have added hand sanitizers and bleach wipes thought out the office. We are also ensuring that any staff returning from travel anywhere, self-isolate for 14 days.

We are proud to say that our staff have adapted quickly to working remotely and have been extremely supportive to one another during these uncertain times. We have been fully using our internal platform called The Wire to share updates, photos and tips to dealing with social isolation. Our team has created a “Work from Home playlist” and have been keeping each other up to date on Microsoft Teams. We are going to have a Virtual Lunch with Nick, so the whole company can share a meal from their respective workspaces and engage in a meaningful discussion. We are also looking into have nightly virtual hangouts where staff can interact and connection with those outside of their homes.

DPM believes in our culture and wants to maintain our “We are Family” Core Value even when we are working at a distance. It is times like these that having a strong, dependable working relationship that helps get you through the uncertainty.

As our Core 4 states, we exist because: Our clients need us to contribute to their success and we want to create a culture that our employees are proud to be a part of. Virus or not, we will continue to live out our values and take it a day at a time.