Mystery Box Cooking Challenge

DPM Mystery Box Cooking Challenge

During these unusual times it has remained one of our top priorities to keep our DPM family safe, connected and engaged.

We Are Family is one of our Core Values and it is most important that we continue to all feel connected during times when we cannot physically be together.

To keep our culture going and our family united, we have implemented a number of weekly virtual hangouts for staff to participate in. We have held Happy Hour every Thursday, we have had cooking lessons by various staff members (including a jambalaya lesson by DPM’s President Nick), as well as various topical discussions and even celebrated birthdays!

Last Thursday for Happy Hour, we decided to create a Mystery Box Cooking Challenge. Some of our staff have been bragging about their cooking talents, so we decided to put these skills to the test. In this challenge, we gave our participants 45 minutes to prepare, cook and plate their dish. To make this more challenging we gave out a list of mandatory ingredients, bacon, kale, pumpkin seeds and apples, that had to be included, as well as any supplementary ingredients they wished to use. Sadly, we were unable to judge based on taste, so it was all up to creativity and presentation. Our participants came up with some creative and aesthetic dishes and everyone managed to finish and plate on time. Congrats to Nico for being named DPM’s first-ever Mystery Box challenge winner and thanks to all of our participants for joining in.

This challenge was a big hit and we are so happy that we can continue to stay connected especially during times like these. Although we very much enjoy these weekly virtual hangouts, we cannot wait until we are back in the office together again.