Pay It Forward Initiative

In celebration of being named one of Canada’s most admired corporate cultures for 2020, we have decided to pay it forward.

DPM Energy has had a great year despite all the uncertain circumstances we have all been facing.

In theme of the holiday season of giving and paying it forward we have decided to support small / local businesses that could really use our help during this time.

Below we have complied some statements from staff our what this award means to them as well some photos and links of the local business that we have supported.


“It feels great to win this award and participate and belong in a culture that is seen to be one of the best.” -Stefan

“I helped a local Photographer by ordering a photo canvas from her work. She is a great artist and I can’t imagine how it is for someone who relied on weddings, parties, celebrations to survive in times like these. This is why I wanted to support her business. The picture I bought makes me feel that there is hope even when the world seems so dark and lonely”. – Maja

“Winning this award shows me that all the work that has gone into building this team at every level in the organization is actually making a difference and we have created a place that our employees are proud to be a part of. Sharing this award with the local businesses is a great way to support the communities that we live in and provide service to!” – Anthony

“This award shows that we are being recognized not for just the work we do and how we do it but how each employee connects with one another as a whole, it amplifies our core values.” – Aneel

“What this award means to me is that kindness and caring is contagious. When we see someone do something kind or thoughtful (DPM), it inspired me to be kinder and that is why I sent the flowers to my sister.” – Mary

“This initiative is important to me because it allows us to patronize businesses that are particularly struggling without regular foot traffic and being able to be open for in-store services.” – Karl

“The pay it forward initiative is a perfect way to sum up our corporate culture, we are all in this together. Most local businesses are struggling through the pandemic and its important that we help support them. I’m proud to be part of a company that recognizes the need to support the community and provides opportunities for staff to contribute.” -Nico

“DPM is a small business but due to the nature of the work we do, we have been fortunate to stay busy this year. However, there are many small businesses who are struggling to stay open. I choose to support local businesses in my personal life and I am incredibly grateful that I work for a company that shares that sentiment. This award and our pay it forward initiative embody some of the core values we focus on here at DPM: we are here for you, we are family.” – Andrew

“This award to me is rewarding since this is my time to give back to the people who welcomed and accepted me in Canada. I met Lenka in one of my travels here and I’ll be celebrating Christmas with them since I can’t travel to my family because of this pandemic. Apart from DPM, I met another family with them. Thank you DPM for this chance to help the local businesses!”- Othello

“Validation of our commitment to continued performance and growth through culture.” – Fabian

“To me it shows how we are a part of a community and that we should do our best during these tough times to help out, being able to help small business really makes me happy and thus this reward makes me feel enlightened.” – Joseph

“This award means to me that I was able to support my mom’s favorite local clothing store. She has been through a lot lately and it was nice to be able to add an extra gift for her this holiday season.” – Brandon

“Prior to Covid, going out with friends and family and sharing a meal or having a drink was something I loved to do. Since Covid the restaurant industry is struggling and I couldn’t imagine being in the position of having to close my doors to a business and passion I love, or not being able to pay my bills. Giving back and supporting our friend’s restaurant gave me hope in a world that has become so cold.” – Melissa

“It’s amazing to be a team member at a company who treats their employees like family. I look forward to developing my career and continuing to grow at DPM while following our core values and looking out for my fellow colleagues.” – Alex

“This award means we are doing the right things, every day.” – Daniel

“I think it is wonderful that DPM is Paying It Forward by allowing us to support the businesses in our local area that are greatly suffering during COVID. The Danforth is collapsing as a community as too many businesses will not be reopening.” – Gerard

‘For me, this award means we are going in the right direction.” – Rodrigo

“This award is a reflection of our team’s dedication to be the best at what we do and create a welcoming environment where everyone prospers and feels comfortable in their surroundings.” – Allison

“Receiving this award only confirms what I already knew about this company, we are family. And I am very honored to be a part of it.” – Kaitlyn

“Winning this award really helps me recognize all the hard work that is put into building our culture, and it shows how important it is to create a work environment that is open and welcoming to its employees. I am very grateful to work at a company that cares about us and sees us as people outside of the job itself.” – Deanna

“This award truly makes me proud of DPM; from our socially conscious members of Senior Management to our actively engaged staff, we are a family that always makes a lasting impact.” -Randall

“This initiative to me, means optimism and hope. That this unfortunate situation will be one day ‘over’ to the point that many of our favourite activities can be enjoyed freely once again, that we’ll push through this crisis and see the other side, for better or worse.” – Spencer

“This award means a lot to me as I believe DPM has a wonderful corporate culture that continues to evolve and to get an award for this is a great achievement. “- Nana


Eli’s Table –
Maple Sushi –
Masrawy kitchen, it’s a family-owned eatery on Britannia and Erin Mills Parkway.
Mister Laffa –
Porcello –
Sanremo Bakery –
Paradise Chicken –
Nonna’s Oven –
The WORKS Craft Burgers & Beer –
Hay Caramba Mexican Restaurant –
Yanagi Sushi –
Buzzy’s bakery & catering ltd –
Streamliners espresso bar –
The Cedar kitchen –
Cocelli Pizza –
Thai Bamboo –
Ricci’s Pizza –
Panafest Bar and Grill (2708 Jane St, North York, ON M3L 1S4) available on delivery service websites

Local Businesses:

Marija Vecanski –
Cosmos Records –
Ezras Pound –
Bolton Florist –
Funny Bones Games Lounge and Café –
Northbound Leather
Forster’s Book Garden –
Northside of The Map –
Gather –

Grocery/ Catering:

Avondale Foodworks Inc –
Aurora Meat and Cheese – Mississauga –
Delivery TO

We feel so fortunate to be in a position that we are able to pay it forward. As mentioned in the statements above, many of our staff noted how good they felt to support local and how they were able to use this initiative to give thanks or cheer up someone close to them. This was a great way to celebrate being named one of Canada’s most admired corporate cultures for 2020 and to show support for some of our favourite local/small businesses.