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Summer Roundup

Hopefully the worst has passed…

These past few months have been nothing short of a chaotic. We have transitioned from quarantine to the outside world again and only this past month were we able to welcome our DPM family back to the office part time. Hopefully the worst has passed and we can return to a somewhat normal routine again soon as restrictions continue to be lifted.

Despite all this chaos, it has been a busy summer for our staff, so for this post we wanted to do a summer roundup of what DPM has been up to, things like the exciting projects we are involved in as well as what our staff have been up to these past few months. We have been keeping busy with many ongoing projects as well as some new ones. We are excited to see the developments of the Finch West Light Rail Transit  and the growth in the various subdivision projects. We have also been working on various lighting projects including streetlighting and illumination design projects.

This year our staff had to get creative with their summer activities. The travel restrictions and restrictions in general have not made this an easy task. It has challenged our DPM family to make the most of summer right here at home. Some of our staff have been going to cottages, swimming, golfing, taking day trips, exploring Ontario beaches, longboarding, kayaking, camping, barbecuing, having small dinner parties and much more. It has been great to see that everyone can get out, have fun and make the most of our current situation. Ahmed one of our designers gave a good piece of advice that is crucial in times like these “Let loose, have fun and prosper, who knows what tomorrow hides but I know I will make the most out of today”.

Some of our staff have also discovered some new interests thanks to COVID. They have taken up things like cooking, hiking, reading, running, going for walks with their family, making music. Instead of focusing on the negative like the things they cannot do, they have decided to stay positive and look to new activities. Our VP Anthony mentioned that “Looking for positives have really helped make this time enjoyable!”. It is awesome to see that people have discovered new hobbies to make this time more enjoyable.

We feel very grateful and fortunate that it has been a busy summer for us and that we can continue working hard to support our clients and our DPM family. In the upcoming months we hope to welcome back our DPM family fulltime. We hope everyone continues to stay safe and enjoys the short summer we have left.