Thank You Frontline Worker Support

Frontline Worker Support

Toronto General Hospital for the Food to Fight program

We at DPM are extremely fortunate to have been deemed an essential business during this time. We feel very lucky that we can continue working hard to support our DPM family but also pay it forward to people and organizations that are most in need. In these tough and uncertain times, it most crucial to recognize and give back to our front-line workers who put themselves at risk everyday to keep us safe.

To show our support and appreciation to the front-line workers, DPM has sponsored meals for the staff at Toronto General Hospital for the Food to Fight program. We partnered with the Liberty Group to provide lunch for the week from Cibo Wine Bar. We were fortunate enough to be downtown Monday afternoon at Toronto General Hospital to personally thank the front-line workers for all they are doing and continue to do. This was just a small token of our appreciation to say thank you and acknowledge that we are here for each other and we are all in this together.

In times like these it is very powerful and important to see businesses of every size stepping up and doing their part to give back. DPM is very proud that we are fortunate enough to participate in this initiative and show our support for the front-line workers. It was a small gesture that allowed us to show our gratitude and put smiles on everyone’s faces.